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January 15, 2008


This weekend, rumors of a sex tape featuring New York began to circulate around the Internet. The accompanying video featured a woman whose resemblance to New York was literally unclear: the clip was, simply, too grainy to reveal if VH1's High Priestess of Sexuality was one of the parties involved. It seemed suspect, and with reason: New York has spoken out to the New York Post to set the record straight: "It is absolutely not me," she told the paper. "Do I strike you as the kind of woman who would have a sex tape floating around out there and not be standing by that tape? I'm nobody's role model. I have a trash-talking potty mouth, I do what I want to do, that's who I am as a person."

Ha! The best thing about this whole ordeal is the sound-bite opportunities it provided. New York explains further: "I'm a strong black woman and if I did something like this I would 'fess up. If I had a sex tape, I'd say when I did it and who I did it with - I have nothing to hide. Nobody runs my world other than myself and whatever I do in this lifetime, good or bad, I will own it and I will not own that tape because it's not me...A sex tape today does not equal disaster. If I did have a sex tape, I wouldn't deny it."

Even better? New York says it can't be her since the woman in the tape a) doesn't have the "Princess" tattoo above her left breast and b) since the woman's performance is underwhelming. "I am way more creative than that," she says. Heh.

New York says she's considering taking legal action against the site that originally made the claim, and that Tailor Made stands behind her. But then, where else would he stand? [New York Post]

January 07, 2008


I Love New York 2 couldn't have gone out with a bigger bang if...well, if it had included things not suitable for TV. You know, like actual banging (although Sister Patterson came close!). I can think of no better way to end the series than with 90 theatrical minutes of Jerry Springer-esque insanity. To help make sense of it all, I've assembled my10 favorite things that happened during the course of the reunion. Let's jump right into it and start, funnily enough, at the begging.

10. Those Amazing Intros

For some guys, the half-second that they're shown on screen as their name is announced is the extent of their appearance on the show. By now, they know to make it count.

For example, It's way of saying hello was classic It.


This is, like, It's default expression at this point. It's his child's pose, his first position, his buffalo stance.

20 Pack made sure to permanently erase our memories of his insane body that earned him his nickname in the first place with the most minor of changes.


Abs? What abs? All I remember is a blonde streak. He should change his name to 20 Volume after the peroxide he used.

But the best thing about this?

The most enterprising chance to make a first impression was undoubtedly taken by Yours.


He looks so happy with that rubber-band bound stack of money that I think it's a travesty that La La didn't call him and his cash to the stage and ask how they met. But then, you know, the cash would probably have produced a gift box with its divorce papers inside, thereby stealing New York's final-act thunder and we could not have that, now could we?

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December 28, 2007

To recap VH1's year in Celebreality programming, we're honoring the craziness (and, let's face it: crazies) with an informal (and fairly arbitrary) set of awards we're giving away online. Actually, there are no real awards to give away, but hey, it's the thought that counts. It is, after all, the holiday season.

Part 1, dedicated to special achievements in Celebreality, went up yesterday. Part 2 continues today with the superlatives. The first category is Best Filming Location: Hooters on Hogan Knows Best.


You can see that Hulk's mother is sitting at the table with them, on this final episode of Season 4 of Hogan Knows Best. What's notable about this is that Hooters was her choice of dining locations. And what's dually notable about that is Grandma Ruth revealed that she had just visited the jiggle joint the week before, only to revise her recollection: "Oh, it was yesterday!" She's a regular. At Hooters.

How did the Hogans follow this up? With a visit to Fashion Bug, of course, where Brooke attempted persuade Grandma to buy clear heels, "like me and mom."


That is a tasty after-dinner mint, if ever there were.

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December 27, 2007


We don't want to give too much away, but there are 12 things you should know about the I Love New York 2 reunion, which premieres Sunday, Jan. 6 at 9/8c. They are:

1. It'll take up more airtime than any other reunion in the Flavor of Love universe: it runs for 90 minutes and it's packed with ridiculousness. There's no way it could have been shorter -- it could very well turn out to be an instant classic.

2. An unlikely character engages in a full-on, tongues-out kiss with another person on the show. You might say that this is a new frontier of sexuality.

3. There is a food fight.

4. We're introduced to one of the guy's vast cologne collection.

5. A penis is exposed.

6. So is a butt.

7. Tailor Made gives New York the ultimate present (and it's not what you think)!


8. New York tells a guy who isn't Tailor Made: "Yes, I had real feelings for you...And you know I did, and I know that you know I did."

9. "You can have 'em in your house, I mean that's your choice..." says Sister Patterson about a particular minority group. She is, as usual, the picture of tolerance.

10. Although, to be fair, she also describes herself as "not human." A new frontier in self-awareness?

11.  An argument breaks out when one barely seen guy calls out to someone on stage: "Don't stand up for another man. That makes you look fruity."

12. There will be blood.



Oh yes, there will be blood.

Remember: the I Love New York 2 Reunion airs Sunday, Jan. 6 at 9/8c. If you miss it, your life will be rendered meaningless.

To recap VH1's year in Celebreality programming, we're honoring the craziness (and, let's face it: crazies) with an informal (and fairly arbitrary) set of awards we're giving away online. Actually, there are no real awards to give away, but hey, it's the thought that counts. It is, after all, the holiday season.

Part 1 kicks off today. Below, we look back at the special achievements reached on shows like Charm School, Rock of Love, Ego Trip's The White Rapper Show, Celebrity Fit Club: Men vs. Women and Gotti's Way. Our first award is the Achievement in Beauty, Nails Division, which goes to...


...Sister Patterson! I mean, duh, right?

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December 20, 2007


I Love New York 2's resident thinker had so much to say about his time on the show that we thought it was only right to accommodate all of his ruminations. Our discussion with Buddha that started yesterday continues below with Buddha's thoughts on New York vs. Tiffany, New York's insecurity, his notorious good looks and why I Love New York 2 may have actually been not so good for his resume, after all.

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December 19, 2007


If you keep up with his MySpace blog, you know that Buddha, the man who would never be Mr. New York, has tons to say about his time on the I Love New York 2. After the jump is Part 1 of our lengthy interview with the first-runner-up. He talks Tiffany, his violent reputation, street philosophy and why he thinks Punk punk'd him.

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December 18, 2007


After the jump, New York's new man and the self-described "happiest man on the planet" talks about going to extremes to win her heart, how he feels about the other guys on the show and how his daughter feels about the new woman in his life.

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Well, how do you like that?

(Like I even need to ask!)

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December 17, 2007


New York has found her man, and in a rare turn for Celebreality romance, she's still with him six months later. Imagine that!

After the jump, New York talks about falling in love with Tailor Made, falling out with Buddha and penis implants. She also wants to clear the air of a little rumor you may be aware of: "I’m not pregnant. Put that in bold letters." Yes ma'am!

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