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February 12, 2008
The Salt-N-Pepa Show Recap - Episode 8 - Whose Party Is It Anyway?

Some people throw parties...


...and some people are the party.  Welcome back, Pep!

After a rousing round of kick-boxing...


...Salt is ready to party. Seriously! She and Pep sit in the gym while she explains that she wants to throw a party for her 16-year-old daughter, Corin. It's going to be a "boy party," too, which is sort of like a "chapter book" in that it's a milestone that includes an adjective adults might take for granted. Hopefully, this party will be more Ramona Forever than Dear Mr. Henshaw, because who wants to watch people sit around writing letters to a fictional novelist?

Anyway, boy party:


Salt says that she's a "cool mom" and that she has a "spicy side," but still she feels that Pepa will help make the party hip. Pepper is, after all, spicier than salt. If only Adrianne Curry would give her input, then it'd be the spiciest party of all. Pep's really into the party idea.


Will it be a big party, she wonders. No. Will there be a theme? No. Is there a budget? No. The back-and-forth is a recipe for disagreement. At least we know that this will be a well-seasoned dish.

At home, Salt lets Corin in on the party idea.


She's all, "Whatever, Mom," until Salt reveals that Pep will help in the planning, then it's:


There's nothing like a dash of Pepa to brighten a teen's day!

Perhaps insulted by her daughter's enthusiasm that she wouldn't be planning this by herself, Salt adds that she has plenty of the ideas for the party: gestures, word games and gift bags, among them. Corin turns her nose up at this, even though it's more or less a summary of the New York high society. Seriously: what else is there besides gestures, word games and gift bags? One day you'll learn, Corin.

The planning begins.


Pep wants an "Arabian night" theme. She proposes getting 20 hot guys and lining them up so that Corin can have her choice. Uh, is this a teenager's party or a harem? Perhaps they can jump out of a cake, she suggests, and that's where Salt puts her foot down, deeming that idea "too strippery." Not coincidentally, it would also be too slippery. Cake is slick! Corin wonders what the dress code should be, and Pep's answer is immediate: "Stilettos." FOR. ALL.

Speaking of dress codes, Salt and Pep take Corin shopping for her party outfit.




All of these ideas are rejected by Salt for being too mature. Unsurprisingly, that's the very reason Pep endorses them. Ah, odd couples. Gotta love 'em. Shoe shopping is similarly fruitless, although it does give all three of the girls a chance to walk like they're on a runway.


If you can't dress older than your 16 years, at least you can be fierce. Moral of the story!

Later, Pep reveals that despite the frolicking, she is pained.


She feels that Salt is getting in the way of her party planning. Pep's niece suggests that she squirrel Corin away from Salt without her permission: that's the only way anything's going to get accomplished. And by anything, I mean this:


That's right, Pepa has changed the party into a circus theme and thus got Corin's face painted to prepare. Kidding! That's supposed to be mature makeup, but, wow is it inappropriate. Pepa and Corin both think it's great. And see, here's where Salt's stick-in-the-mud status proves to be nothing more than an exercise of good taste.


When Pepa and Corin get home, Salt and Gavin are not amused. They're angry that Pepa took Corin out without permission. "Your face looks really, really silly," adds Salt. Ha! She's right. It's not really a matter of being age-appropriate. It's more a matter of looking like she's in a revival of Cats, you know?


Pepa gets salty outside.


Salt lays into her for taking Corin away to get her face painted, saying that Corin looks like she's dressed for Halloween. Ha! Then, Salt calls the party off and leaves Pep alone on the doorstep, ranting like a homeless woman...alone on a doorstep.


During a meeting at a chocolate specialty cafe, Salt recants what she said about the party: she feels that it's unfair to take anger directed at Pep out on Corin. The party's on! The decorations are set:


And Corin looks a lot more...reasonable.


As Gavin gets his dad on, interrogating guys who show up for the party and patting them down...


...the kids file in.


Corin makes her entrance, looking lovely and not at all like someone at the MAC counter got their aggression out on her:


The party happens. It seems fun and old-school, kinda like a G-rated House Party. All it's missing is Full Force.

But at least there's Pep!


She dances with the kids until Salt drags her away.



Age-appropriateness wins again!

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Iam so sick of salt always gettin on pepper.Does pepper have 2 say she's sorry on every show. Pepper is & will always b pepper thats all she knows, so love her or hate her but stop actin like ur sooooooo much better .No one's perfect but GOD u should know that.


I love Salt, but she is getting on my nerves too. Pepa is grown and she should not have to apologize all the time to Salt for being who she is. I think Pepa is hilarious. I love her, I love her! She has the type of personality that adds spice to things and Salt is more conservative, and that's fine. But we don't see Salt apoligizing every episode for being conservative, now do we? Salt needs to watch these episodes of herself and take a good look at herself because she's coming off like she's perfect and she's not. But,Salt, I want you to know I'm a fan of yours for life and I still love both of you ladies. You're the bomb!


When it comes to Salt's daughter & Pepa not going by the rules that Salt laided down in reguards to Corin,yes Pepa needs to apologize.If Pepa wants to throw her daugther Egypt parties with half naked men running around & have her popping out of a cake that's her business.But i have to roll with Salt on this one.Don't get me wrong i love Pepa but she does go overboard sometimes.And her running off with Corin & trying to do it all without Salt was wrong.Salt is her mother and it's what she says that goes.


i agree salt is boring at times but at least she has matured with time unlike pepa,she needs to slow her roll and stop partying with the kids and get herself together,she has not mentally grew up at all! plus she's always trying to drag salt into some kind of money making scam...why? if saly is happy with the life she is living then leave her alone and try to get money using her own name(and do something about her son's hair)


I LOVE SALT. And "PEP" needs to grow up, i'm so sick of her every show...acting like one of the kids *pepper* this is me, it's who i am!"..well, grow yo self up...and salt has matured I PRAY SHE DOESN'T GO BACK TO THAT SALT & PEPPER MESS!!!! She shouldn't just because pepper foolishly spent her money up!! Salt seemed to always have had sense, and she needs to focus on winning souls...not nominations and that's word...agree or disagree, two can't walk together unless they agree, so they will never get along...


I am really dissapointed in this show. I think Salt is selling out her spirituality for money. Salt protrays Christians as weak and flakey minded. And Pepa needs to grow up! I feel Pepa wont be satisfied until she gets Salt to take down for what she believes in and she already doing a good job of it.


i have always loved salt n pepa. ive always been a fan of their music, but salt need to put her guards down and get back on the ban-wagon and make her money. pepa will always be pepa. but in the last show, pepa had no right to take off corin without telling salt, that was a no no!! she knows how salt is, and how strict she is. salt n pepa is getting up in age now, and they need to make NEW music before they get too old! i saw them on regis show this morning and that song "whatta Man" has played out. salt needs to realize that being a pioneer of rap is what she does for a living! GO MAKE THAT MONEY, GOD KNOWS HER HEART. and what does salt's husband Gavin does for a living???? peace.


Praise the Lord the show is back!! I enjoyed the first show, especially after thinking the show had been cancelled. VH1, do a better job and keep us informed next time.

I wouldn't trust Pepa with my daughter if I had one, because Pepa is buck wild and Salt knows that. So, I applaude her for setting boundaries...It's like Salt has two daughters instead of one.

As for who's right or wrong, I believe both women have to find a balance in the relationship...Salt could stand to keep it light and Pepa, just chill baby...looks like their on the way.

Ladies, I Thank God for you and your show.


First of all Ialways wondered what happened to salt n peppa.
Salt NO disrespect I understand you have let GOD IN YOUR LIFE, but since the show has aired , you have been showing a side that you want peppa to do like you did. And you can't change people that way. In a way you do act like your more above peppa and you really dont want to work with her again. Peppa yes you are full of fire , but some times you really do should try to tune it down just a bit. Yes there is some areas you two have not CLEARLY gotten over and yes you are trying, BUT both of you are not really hearing eachother fairly, or EQUALLY. Salt i noticed a lot peppa has done a lot of appolgizing, and you get frustrated very quickly,at things pepp say and do, for once stop and think before bringing her down harshly. Peppa remember salt has changed over the years and she has religon also in her life and she can't do most of the things she used to because of her of her relgious changes so respect her thoughts and what she says sometimes before you get hyped up about it . Both you of still have PAST ISSUSES you really need to get out in the open before something is said to DESTROY what friendship, you got left.And make it TOO LATE to take back.(TLC) PRIME EXAMPLE. so look back at then and look at the NOW. Thruth hurts but you to got one foot in the door to seriously saying something to hurt yoursevles on national T.V. THINK ABOUT IT.


Patrice, I'd like to know what Salt's husband does too...He definitely likes to roll the dice (lol). You can see him in the Shoop video back in the day rolling those dice and grinning from ear to ear, just as he did in espisode 3. Not judging, but hmmmm. Jokes aside, I think he used to be or is an investment banker.


First of all, Salt-n-Peppa, it's good to see you both trying to work togther again. First salt, I see that you let GOD in your left, And I see nothing wrong with that.But since I have been watching your show, i noticed that , you really want things to meet your standards and for pepp to follow your directions. Pepp, yes you are full of fire, fiestyness, and sassyness, but there are times when you do get carried away with things, and dont take salt's feelings in respect . Now both of you said in the begining of your show that, you salt just up and walked out, and pepp you still have a problem with her from that, and both of you need to clear the air with eacthother . Salt yes you have GOD in your life , and yes Peppa you are ready to work with salt all over again , but neither of you are REALLY being honest in your true feelings, about re-working with eachother. Salt you talk about needing you time alone and what you like to do by yourself then when you two have to do shows or appearences then get seperate accomidations , so you to won't disturb the other. Peppa salt has religion in her life and back then she didn't so yes she made changes for her self try to respect that . And both of you need to really get it together . Salt it's not fair for pepp to always be saying I'm sorry when you ask for her to help or participate, in something with you, Peppa always remember what you might like other people may not like or approve. Salt -n-Peppa you both are in my opinon pioneers, and the music you recorded back then is recoreded in history, so try to for BOTH YOUR SAKES , make peace with eachtoher, re-learn each other, & and above all RESPECT EACHOTHER. Friendships now adays are really hard to come by, and keep .



You know when famous people disappear, from the public eye , kaes you wonder where they are , what are they doing now. Since watching your show, you to ladies have hit somes ares that makes us wanna watch your show more . But Salt , there no shame in you having religion in your life , and as for your music you and peppa gave us back in the day is history. Be grateful for that . But at times you do act like peppa is beneath you , you have to be in control. Peppa yes back then the way the acted was all good but in TODAYS times some things you do are not for everybody to like or even approve . So as for you two ladies you good back and fourth on who is this and who is that . But for you two to almost loose a friendship and now your trying to work and getting back together as a group. You both need work, it's obivous Salt you still are scared you might revert back to your old ways, but if you are a TRUE CHILD OF GOD and hav strong faith he brought you out , he, will carry you through it all. And you wont fall back. So try to ease up on peppa. Peppa being you is fine but everybody might not like how being you can be , in their standards. So at times you do have to meet other people half way. Both of you are parents now and most of all pioneers in music, so working togther is not bad just respect eachothers wishes and try to meet both of each others equally.I really would like to see you to air out your pass because Salt you freezes up when asked to particiapte in something togther with Peppa. And Peppa when asked you do get overboard in some things that you do. But heres another question liked to asked have you two ladies cleared up your past issues with spinnderella, i noticed , both of you freeze up on things when asked for support & togetherness. And Salt what in the world does your husband do for a living ? I noticed you be very stricked , but he can roll dice, sipp a little in one of your episodes he did that , but you can come down on pepp like she's taking you back into a 20year worm hole. Peppa it's 2? years later it ok to be you, but every body can't do and be like you . You to need to do and episode that you two are seated in an therapy office talking out what you need to get past you . It's good to see you together again. make it work , and be honest and open with eachother. You got a friendship that you should keep together. Don't let it slip away again .


I love this show. I have loved Salt and Peppa since my high school and College days. I watch this show with my daughter and now I turned my mom onto it. It is entertaining but also has a positive message. Especially with the comprimising that goes on between Salt and Peppa. I am so glad that the new season came back so quickly. I am forever a fan. I hope that "Salt and Peppas here" for a while.
From a Huge Fan in Miami


why is it that pepa as old as she is still acts like a horny chicken head 20 year old. She is too old for the clothes she wears and the way she acts. She really needs to grow up she is setting a bad example for her daughter. Every show she looks and acts like a tramp


I just want to say I really enjoy the show and I hope the girls can work out their issues with one another. I feel that pepa needs to grow up just a little, her behavior is like a 16 year old at times she should be more settled than what she is, for her age. I love salt not to say I don't love pep but salt is my girl and she can stand to relax just a little she doesn't have to be so judgemental of pep she was not always saved and she had to go through what she had to in order to get to where she is now so allow that of pepa as well don't be so hard on her all the time. love you ladies.


I think Salt is too judge mental for her own good and her religion. She treats Pepa like she's not good enough for her. She talks down to Pepa, like Pepa is stupid. She thinks she knows more than everyone else because she is Christian. I think she is giving Christians a bad name by acting that way. She has two different sides. When Salt is with pepa, she lets her hair down and acts like she used to. I think Salt is jealous of Pepa because she had compared herself to Pepa to her husband in a recent episode when she was trying on a wig. Salt is insecure and in denial. She has shown that side again when Pepa was shooting dice with her husband. Salt even got jealous when her daughter wanted Pep to help with her party. She wants to act like Pepa but uses her faith as an excuse, then she treats Pepa badly probably because Pepa can do everything she can't. Salt sometimes lets loose, but then reprimands Pepa. Salt is a flake. And thats coming from hometown Queens, NY. And thats even more disappotinting when Pepa treated Spinderella like that. When Pepa knows she hates when Salt does that to her. SPINDERELLA IS THE ONLY REAL ONE THERE, and I feel bad for her out of all of them.

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