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April 09, 2007
Charm School's in Session!


The first episode of The Flavor of Love Girls: Charm School Starring Mo'Nique is now online, almost a week before its official on-air premiere (Sunday, April 15 at 10/9c on VH1). As soon as the girls hit the house, the upgrades begin -- watch as Mo'Nique gives the girls back their dignity by taking something very important away.


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is the show shot in the same house that the "i love new york" show was??? cause it sure looks like it from some of the pictures.........i think that this show is gonna be sooooo dam funny...cant wait to watch!!!


i can't wait to see my girl bootz go off on everyone on the show... in other words i can't wait to see it


I am SO excited for this show, those girls are OFF the hook. This'll be FUNNY.


yeaaaaaa my gurllllssssssssss goldie,boots and buckey yea yallllll work it


I can’t wait to see the first episode because it’s going to be off the hook. I wish I could be on a reality show.

Moe Betta Blues

I just saw the clip.. This is gonna be good.. To many women with bad attitudes in the house.. It's goin down babeeeee... My girl Monique gone put it down and they assssssss..


i wish all the girls the best ..but i really hope the 3 most ingnorant girls learn the most and appreciates this experience.


I THINK THEY SHOULD NOT BE ON A SHOW CUZ THEY JUST WANT TO BE ON T.V! And I want one of them bitchs to say something they go get slap!!!!!!!!!!!!!



1633 Broadway, 31st Floor
New York, NY 10019
Attention: Legal Affairs

RE: Drew Sidora - "Ghetto Fabulous"

Ladies and Gentlemen:

We represent Drew Sidora and her affiliated entities. VH1's new reality television series "Charm School" (the "Series") is a blatant infringement of Ms. Sidora's copyrighted reality television project "Ghetto Fabulous" (the "Project").

Ms. Sidora and her manager, Allison Jordan, together with Charles Sims, prepared a treatment (the "Treatment") for the Project, which they registered with the Writers Guild of America on February 19, 2004 and again on April 8, 2004. In early 2005, Ms. Jordan and Corliss King pitched the Project and submitted the Treatment to Stacey Jenkins at VH1. Ms. Jordan and Ms. King described the Project as a reality show about "Ghetto Fabulous" girls who are taught proper etiquette and transformed from ghetto to glamorous. Ms. Jordan and Ms. King spoke with Ms. Jenkins on multiple separate occasions over the course of more than a year, setting forth many potential story ideas and scenarios.

Although Ms. Jenkins unequivocally indicated to Ms. Jordan and Ms. King that VH1 genuinely liked the concept and told them that VH1 intended to pursue the Project, Ms. Jordan and Ms. King did not hear from Ms. Jenkins or anyone else at VH1 again. Ms. Sidora therefore presumed that VH1 had elected not to pursue the development of the Project.

In light of the foregoing, Ms. Sidora, Ms. Jordan, Ms. King and Mr. Sims were shocked and outraged last week when for the first time they saw the promotional segments for the Series. VH1’s description of the Series reads like the description of the Project. Specifically, VH1 describes the Series as a reality series about "ghetto fabulous" girls who are enrolled in a charm school and thereby transformed from ghetto to glamorous.

VH1’s liability under copyright and tort law is clear. It is undisputed that VH1 had extensive access to the Project. Moreover, based on the overwhelming substantial similarities between the Project and the Series, a reasonable person would conclude that the Series is a blatant misappropriation of the Project.

Accordingly, Ms. Sidora demands that VH1 immediately cease and desist from any further development, production, distribution and any other exploitation of the Series, and confirm to us in writing not later than April 1, 2007 that VH1 has done so. In addition, VH1 must compensate Ms. Sidora for the illegal and infringing use of the Project and the loss of opportunity to produce the Project as a television series. If VH1 fails so to comply, our client will protect her rights by aggressively pursuing legal and equitable remedies against VH1, including asserting claims for copyright infringement, breach of implied contract, breach of confidence, interference with prospective economic advantage, and unfair competition—claims that carry significant compensatory and punitive damages as well as injunctive relief.

This letter is not intended to be a complete recitation of the relevant facts of this matter. Furthermore, nothing contained herein shall be deemed a waiver of our client’s rights or remedies, either at law or in equity, all of which are hereby expressly reserved.

Amber Eason

I think the show is going to be great

Baby Shey

I can not wait to see who new york is going to get into a fight with on the show.

too sexy

this is goning to be good because boots and buckeey is on it

dare bear

whooooooooo weeeeeeee this show is bout 2 be so good...my girls are boots...buchey...and goldie...and mayn mah girl monique dont play so i kno dis show gon b off tha chain...cant wait 2 watch it

dare bear

whooooooooo weeeeeeee this show is bout 2 be so good...my girls are boots...buchey...and goldie...and mayn mah girl monique dont play so i kno dis show gon b off tha chain...cant wait 2 watch it

pooh bear wife

yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa my niggas bootz, buckeey is back again

Tabatha Green Ross

I think the show is going to be great ,the girls need some kind of guidence.The honest to god truth , most of the ladies need some home training some are trying to be what they are not most of the ladies think they are bad and the others are users


i think this is ganna be the best show ever i cant wait 2 watch this o_o


i think this is ganna be the best show ever




I love pumpkin man yall iz my gurlz i want 2 met yall all so bad ooh my god if yall can send me e mail at miss.laeae@yahoo.com pl;eaz yall iz my gurlz 4 real bbbbbbbyyyyyeeeee sisters.


oh i almost forgot one my girls goldie always keeping it real nothing but love for ya girl!


I think Boots is the baddest chick walking. And when she wins that $50 g's she should take a trip my way for a day. hugs n' kisses Boots. ;)


I mean, this show is gonna be so stupid. I have more class than these girls and I'm 19. That's a damn shame. Grow up ladies. You guys wonder why your asses are still single. It's becuase don't no guy want no woman that acts like she's still in high school. I could teach these girls a few things. The only girl I see on here with her head straight and knows how to be a lady is Crazy. I mean. New York has more class than you guys.
:D Mesha


Pumpkin is the nastiest bit** i have ever seen in my life. Spittin on people and she still doesnt apoplogize. no class, no charm, she is why guys say the H0 word. ALACHIA JOHNSON you must be just as nasty if u like her


I am a grandmother, so I have a little wisdom to offer. I think the first episode made a horrendous blunder..did no one have their thinking cap on?? Hello... Monique is a big lady, shortly she will be touting a large lady model contest, and may have other endorsements or products out aimed at the plus size, and hooray for that, but she lost all credibility when she penalized the leader of the team that chose the biggest girl..because " I told you to pick a winning team." That team and that leader should have been PRAISED for picking the largest girl, who I'm sure her whole life was the last picked for everything. Monigue showed fat discrimnination and I'm shocked no one caught that. Further more, that team, though it had the longer time, should have won, or at least not be penalized, BECAUSE OF THE TEAM EFFORT THEY SHOWED in getting the largest girl over the hurdles. I have seen actual footage of the citadel the Marines in boot camp must go through to become a Marine, it is a 3 day forced march, obstacle course etc. that tests their endurance. They are rewarded and given credit for carrying their injured, their weakest, to the finish, that is the quality they look for in the Marines and in their officers, that no one is left behind and they are rewarded for the team effort. The team that lost because of picking the large girl and exhibiting all the team work they did in getting her to the finish, they should have been rewarded for that, not called to task and be penalized. Monique...that was a slap in the face to the large women you say you are a champion for...shame on you.

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