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September 27, 2006
The Celebreality Interview: Bootz


Bootz gave the world a gift when she introduced the phrase, "If I was a hoe, I'd be a top-dollar hoe," into public consciousness. After the jump, America's favorite celibate reality-show star dishes the dirt on her time on the show.

Was this show a good experience for you?

Yeah, it was a good experience, but I think it was unfair the way the eliminations went and the reasoning for everyone getting eliminated.

Do you think the celibacy had anything to do with it? Flav did say that it was killing him that you wouldn't give it up till marriage.

I don't believe that. I think that Flav could have sex with anybody he wanted to have sex with. If I was to win the show, anyway, he would be messing with other women, 'cause he told me. So I asked, "Are you going to be having sex with anybody and everybody?" and he told me, "When I'm done with you, I'm done with you." He's just into having sex with whoever and I think Krazy gave it up and, of course, New York gave it up. I don't know about Deelishis, but I think that's another factor – they're giving it up and I'm not.

How long before the show did you decide to be celibate?

Eight months.


Guys use women for what they have, like Flav did. Well, not with me, but I thought Flav was different. I just don't like guys that use girls and think that having sex is everything, and I thought Flav would be different. So I took the opportunity to get to know him and I found out that he isn't any different.

Are you still celibate?

Um…I have a boyfriend now. And I'm not anymore.

So the "…till marriage" clause of your celibacy no longer matters?

Well, this person I am going to marry. I've known him for nine years.

Bootz, your personality is so fiery, it was almost intimidating to call you.

No! I'm very nice. It's just when someone's trying to do harm towards me, that's when I get upset. You have to do something to me. That's reason that I had a problem with New York. People may think, "Oh, that's New York." New York was not acting like that in the house. It's like, you claim you're the realest, but I don't remember her saying the stuff she said to her face like it looks. Like when she said, "I'm the H.B.I.C.," she never said that to me. And the stuff she said in the little confessional? She's lying. She's talking s*** about us, but she never told me to my face. That's the type of things that make me mad.

She did get you to apologize…

I said, "No, I'm not going to apologize to you because I feel like you disrespected me." New York said, "You know that I'm picking the Top 3 girls to get their clocks, but I'm not going to pick you. If you do apologize, you'll get your clock." She did have control of eliminations. They didn't air it that way, but she did give me my clock because I apologized. The way they showed it was that I apologized and I was just a sucker or whatever. But New York did give me my clock because I did apologize. She told me she would and that's how it happened. I really played New York – I didn't even mean that apology and she still gave me my clock.

So, was New York as difficult as she seems on the show?

I think New York was obnoxious, but she was intimidated by our group because she knew that it would be hard for her. Basically, the way she went off on Krazy, she knew she couldn't do that with me because it would be a whole different situation. I think that she took precautions in doing what she had to do. The reason I got eliminated was because of New York, but not in the sense of, oh New York got Bootz out. The way she got me out was crying her way out of the room when she had dinner, talking 'bout, "Oh Flav, I haven't had my alone time," to take Flav away from me and to focus on her. That's how I got eliminated. So she took her plan and used it on Flav because there was no way she could have me in her clutches like she had Krazy.

And she was even trying to get on your good side during the date at the winery, right?

Yes, she was. She thought I was stupid and was just going to tell her everything like Krazy. The things that I did tell her were about the other girls. She knew nothing about me.

You were tight with Buckeey and Deelishis, right?

Yes. I feel like all the other girls that I did not get along with was for a reason. Like Krazy. She lied in front of New York and said, "I can't see him get his heart broken," but she was still on the show. She knew dang well she was on the show for a singing career. Krazy thinks people are jealous of her. I'm not jealous of Krazy. She's a pretty girl or whatever, but she cannot sing to me. If you can't sing, you can't sing and to me Krazy was just very, very naïve. She tried to put her beauty in front of her brains and she tried to make it seem like she's so pretty, which she's not to me, she's just any other girl. Yes, she's pretty, but I'm pretty also and I think Buckeey is and Deelishis is, too. Krazy's not anything special. I think that because she was the only non-African American left, she tried to take advantage of that, knowing that Flav liked that.

So, I don't know Bootz, with all this said, it doesn't really seem like this was a good experience for you, like you said at the start of the interview.

It was a good experience because I got to meet a lot of different girls. That's what I mean by good experience. And I learned things about how girls are. I learned that girls are gonna be girls. Girls in real life act just like those girls on that show.

What's next for you?

Well, I can't really discuss it, but there are a lot of things coming up that people can look out for. I'll tell it when I can tell it.

[In the meantime, you can learn more about Bootz via her MySpace profile.]

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Bootz, I'm so sorry you are not there with the rest of the girls, but my girl Deelishis is so I'm good. NY fake, bobblehead ass needs to go home!!!!I'm glad you were smarter than that dumb ass Krazy and did not feed into her stupid game. I do miss u and Buckey. Your right about Flav because that's the only reason why he took NY's ass up to his room that night becuase he knew he was going to get a quick fuck. He is real to a limit because if he know you are really feeling him like that to do whatever to get the booty!


Bootz flav is a dumbass because he got ridded of you. u weren't like those other's hoes on the show like krazy new york....but it good u didnt give it to flav he so fucking ugly!!!! you are to pretty for him and he's know its! this show not gonna be the same without it.......


Bootz you r to pretty & to real 4 the fake shit thats why i liked ya'll(U,Buckeey,& my girl Deelishis). Krazy & New York are just there 4 T.V. drama b*tches, and Flav only wanted the ass he kicked Goldie off last year 4 that remember? hold ground & keep your head high


I agree that Krazy wasn't all that. I'm glad you didn't get intimidated by anyone. Too bad you had to compete with an insane woman named New York.


Well I'm sorry to say it, but I'm kind of glad that u were sent home Bootz, u really had a very foul mouth for a young woman and I thought it was kind of disrespectful that you were shaking ya tailfeather for flav's friends. For someone that was celibate, you sure weren' acting like it!


Girl its his lost (flav). I can't stand these guys who base their relationships upon sex. Its like a disease these days to be celibate. I think you hold your ground and gave him a chance to be with a beautiful women instaead of a sexually active women. Life goes on, I wish you the best, and remember you can always say "he aint got none of this"!

Angelique Franklin 14 Years Old

Larissa(Bootz) I think you were a very beautiful person on the inside and on the outside.I also think Flav made a very terrible mistake.Especially picking Krazy over you. And if anyone is taking this affensive (email me at iamagoody2shoe@yahoo.com)because I think the only reason Flav has a Flavor of Love show is so he can have sex with other women and not have to go out and look for it and New York is the prime example.

Ursula Samuels

Boots new york is the fakest of them all she should have never been bought back on the show. and you are right he only wanted to have sex and as soon as you said you were not going to give it up I knew you were gone. And let's just be foreal who in the hell would really compete for this old ex-crackhead with a gang of kids who looks like a burned jellybean. but I guess with someone like flav you could expect for him to choose those who are willing to give up the snappy.


KRAZY Get's on my nerves so bad, she think she can sing but she CAN'T and she think's she can somebody needs to inform her that she cant. My fav girl's are (was) Buckee,Bootz,and Deelishis. I hope Deelishis wins. It was soo funny on the last episode when flav took new york back to his room, when flav was gettin some it sounded like new york was getting sick. I laughed my ass off!!!!




I sorry to see you leave the house. those other grlz { Krazy & New York } just the most back stabbing hoes in the house! I'm glad you had a great experience there and you have things going for you. Flav is a man and men have needs and if he wasn't willng to wait like you wanted too then scew him....lol.

lisa aka tiny

wuz good gurl, ur crazy you let new york have it lol shit... you should have kick her ass! you would have seen her..


yo you was keepin dem girls n check crazy ass need to get eliminated fa real because a female knows when another female is phony and dat bitch is!!lolz


Listen you have to know how to play the game..don't be a sore loser and say that New York is fake.. they can't edit that damn much... New York is fierce with her tongue.. she has the ultimate gift of Gab... and its comical... she may not always be right.. but damn you have to give it to her for getting under you guys skin so easily - took you right out of the game.. people can't stop talking about her.. good or bad!! (you have to think- What would I do I was in that postion).. everyone is doing side projects now because of the show..

Yo Mamma

New York is totally fake and so is that emanciated looking Crazy. Flav is already is stupid and retarded
but if he can't see that evidence in his facke he's even stupider than he looks wich is real stupid.Crazr can't even sing! Delishis call me,I can do a lot better than Flav, you know what I mean


yo bootz was real and thats wassup.i think she could of won that show and evrything.shes real and the other are fake and this is for bootz.flaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaavor flav!!!!!!!!!!


Bootz you was to pretty and to real for flav. i dont see why he picked you over that fake krazy she needs needs to leave! you was my favorite girl on there next to buckeey.


Bootz, I was so sorry to hear that you got eliminated, you were my favorite one. I can not stand Krazy and ugly New York, they are the fakest people I know. All New York wants is a booty call she doesnt care about that ugly man, who would. If flav cant wait for you, girl thats his loss. Men should repect woman, and if they cant do that then their not worth your time anywayz.Keep it real girl!


Bootz, you are really beautiful..i think you were the beautifullest out of all them. but man New York is f***in` ugly!! She a h** thas why Flav put her back in nd` still want her..she is a fake...the only way she can get flav..is by lettin` him get into her skanky pants all tha time!


Bootz I really miss you on the show because you and Deelishes are the realest girls on there. And, I think you are the smartest one one the show when you told Flav that you will remain celibate. All I could say is keep your head up. And wish you the best.


bootz,girl i read yo interview and im sorry u didn't win but at lease delishis there so at somebody there that i like cause i hated new york every since da last season but 2 bad buckey left but dat was hella funny when he put buck wild on blast and krazy hella fucking fake and i do think that she there for her singin career and she really can't sing and new york jus there for tv she hella fake.and really im glad u and buckey left cuase yall waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay way way to good for anyway and u said dat u found somebody else and im sure he look waaaaaaaaaaaaay better than flav.gettin sleepy bye.

seceret admire

boots you fine as fuck

Allyssa Roach

heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy girl wat are you up to.I am happy for u n the decision flav made because it shows that all he want out of the show is women who could give him sex.




Yea I know I'm all late and everything but BOOTZ honey u have to keep ya head up and stay above the game..We all know that New York is there for the T.V ratings..He messed up when he sent Buckeey home but to turn around and send u home took the straw...Now It's clear to me...New York is his booty and his money beacuse without her dramatic ass alot of ppl wouldn't watch the show...But now that Krazy is gone he's probably going to pick Deelishis over New York's ass anyway...Well i'mma just let u know that I'm happy for u and ur new boyfriend..I hope u guys have a happy life and forget about flav's ass...Just look at it this way:Two ugly muthafuckas are made for eachother...so if he's not looking for realness then he'll probably end up with New York..........So get ya model or acting on cause it's yo time to shine.

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