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February 20, 2007
The Surreal Life Fame Games Recap - Episode 6 - There's some stars in this house

Some of these girls are not like the others...


Do you know a hoe from a hole in the wall? Play along!

At the start of the episode, everyone's still down about CC's departure. Rob sings a song to commemorate his loss...


Yikes. Are you angling to get him back or drive him farther away?

Also, Rob explains his seeming sore loserdom of last episode. He claims that when he said that the B-list should be disqualified for using outside help during their variety show, he was just kidding. He just likes to stir the pot.


Nobody's buying it, nor should they. If it takes you that long to explain that you were kidding, everyone can tell that you weren't. Mockery isn't something to sleep on. Traci says she's happy about the fact that the A-list lost because, "You guys need to drink your glass of suck-up, so I'm glad you did finally." It would be even better if they drank that suck-up out of a rubber chicken.

Then the house gets word that they'll be going to lunch in their respective groups. The A-list will get to dine with an A-list star. The B-list won't. Shocker! Driving the A-list will be none other than...


Aww! How we've missed Big Rick. He needs his own spin-off. It could be called Big Love and explore polygamy in a dryly humorous fashion. Oh wait, that show already exists. It's called I Love New York.

Anyway, the A-listers arrive for their lunch at Spago and find that their special guest is none other than...


First of all, way to toot your own horn, Robin ("A-list star?"). Second of all, can you blame the A-list for being underwhelmed by this, seeing as they see Robin every damn day?

During lunch, Ron Jeremy is offensive all over again. Robin asks why anyone chases fame. Ron goes into some barely sensical ramble about being a sex object, and deems Andrea an "R-rated sex object." Andrea is, of course, outraged.


She's all, "How dare he call me 'R-rated?' I'm unrated but for mature audiences, damn it!"

Meanwhile, the B-list arrives at their lunch destination:


Stupid hats and beer ensue.


Ugh, and so does this:


Why in the world does anyone do the chicken dance? It only makes you look like an ass, seriously. There is no cool way to do the chicken dance. Therefore, we completely endorse Verne's decision to sit this one out:


Smart guy. They'd all laugh at him.

Back at Spago, Ron Jeremy runs through a list of names of people he's worked with and/or is "friends" with.


It's really boring and, like, none of them are particularly impressive. Really, the worst thing that somebody could do is brag about something not worth bragging about.

When lunch is over and the celebs reconvene in the house, we find out that Verne has a crush on Andrea.


He especially likes when she smokes. He notes that there's "something there" when she does so. Tar?

Then, the celebs find out that there will be a Mexican fiesta Video_icon held for them on the back patio. Didn't they just eat? They walk back there to find that their home has been transformed into a Chi-Chi's:


Traci is all excited about this and even sings the "fiesta forever" line from Lionel Richie's "All Night Long." That's totally the best part of the song. And then she does what any wonderful person with a camera pointed on them does: a rubber chicken shot!


Chyna Video_icon joins in and it feels like old times.


Ah, memories. Suddenly, last week doesn't seem that long ago.

The celebs sit around a table and are given their challenge based on Poison's "Every Rose Has Its Thorn": they must draw a rose from the pile and read aloud the question attached. Each one will be directed at a different Lifer.


Pep gets asked who's the leader of the A-list, which begins a tiff with Rob and his dictator-like hold on last week's challenge. Let it be known that Pepa really isn't into girls and cold beer. Andrea is asked whom the biggest thorn in her side in the house is. Ron, duh. Traci's asked about her feelings of inferiority derived from being on the B-list and she says that she doesn't think the A-list gives them enough credit. "Without us, you couldn't win." That reasoning goes through every level of bizarre and lands back on lucid. Traci is a genius.


Rob's asked about his sore-loser thing and whether it affected his relationship with anyone in the house. He says no. Wrong!

After dinner, MannyVideo_icon climbs in bed with Andrea and they spoon.


It's weird, obviously.

Then, it's time for this week's real challenge. At a club, the Lifers are presented with 50 women.


Nineteen of them are hookers Video_icon. Hot! Each team has 30 minutes to go through the group and weed out the whores. They must have 15 women in their VIP section at the end of 30 minutes. Whichever team has the fewest amount of hookers wins. This is quite possibly the best challenge that's ever been put to a group of people in the history of challenges. They have to judge these people virtually on basis of appearance (they find quickly that asking questions will only lead to lies, and of course it will as they're dealing with a group that's almost 1/3 hookers!) and say which charge for sex. That is so hot. This game, really, is portable. From now on, every time you see a woman, wonder to yourself if she's a whore. Then ask her. See what happens!

Verne and Ron are largely responsible for going into the pool of potential ladies of the night and picking the girls. Manny helps with another round of testing. He makes one of them dance...


She's not good at it. Probably a whore.

Then the one next to her says, "I wanna wiggle with you."


OK, definitely a whore.

Ron says that he recognizes one of the girls and rejects her. Ha! It must really suck to be recognized by Ron in any circumstance, let alone this one.

Rob has his mind blown...


But he doesn't freak out like he did when there were strippers in the house. Apparently, girls who look like whores bother him, but actual whores do not.

Traci is befuddled by the whole process. "I don't know a hoe from a hole in the wall..." she says. So many men have the same problem! It's practically an epidemic.

In the end, the A-listers come up with two hoes...


...while B has four.


B-list loses. Too many hoes, too little time.

On the way home, Verne gets contemplative, and it's not over opportunities missed...


He says he feels responsible for this because he was the one who hand-picked those four hookers. He volunteers to participate in Back to Reality. So does Chyna. It comes down to Traci and Manny. Traci really, really doesn't want to go, so Manny relents. What would seem a gracious gesture is then, bizarrely, interpreted by Rob as manipulation.


He seems to think that Manny's going into Back to Reality because he know s that Verne wants to go home and will throw the game. But if Verne's going to do that anyway, what does it matter? Maybe everyone's drunk. Certainly Andrea would seem to be, because she, too, talks about Manny...


She tells Verne about the spooning, which gets him pretty angry, since he has those deep feelings about Andrea and her cigarettes. Now Verne determines that he won't go down without a fight. There's no way he's throwing the game. Not that he could, anyway, for this week's Back to Reality game is...


On a table are 17 pieces of jewelry. Nine of them are valuable, eight of them are costume crap. Each player must select three of them. The person who racks up the lowest value of jewels gets sent packing.

Chyna hits the table and picks her three out in seconds, which turns out to be a great strategy, for her booty is worth...


Verne and Manny don't have such luck. They both pick out three pieces that aren't worth crap.



This necessitates a tie-breaker round, in which they must choose from rings on Inga's hand. Each of the rings is worth something. The person who picks the highest valued ring wins.


Manny's is worth...


But in the end, Verne triumphs...


Manny leaves. Verne forgets his resentment and gets all sad about it.


He's determined to win the game for Manny. Stay gold, Verney boy!


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