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September 25, 2006
Flavor of Love 2 Recap - Episode 8: On wining and whining

This episode's special guest?


The steak knife. It feels so good to have it back!

We open on Bootz and Deelishis lying in their beds complaining.


Guess who "she" refers to!

"She really is up to something," says Deelishis on New York (don't act shocked). Deelishis shows off her deetectiv skills by stating that Krazy is foolish for trusting New York and thinking they're friends. How big of a magnifying glass did she need to uncover that one? Also: Krazy? Foolish? Really?

The girls convene and the day's Flavorgram arrives, informing them that Deelishis and Krazy will accompany Flav on a boat ride. Upon figuring out that Flav won't be spending time with her again, New York can barely go on reading. She looks at the Flavorgram like it just told her that her weave looked cheap.


The Flavorgram's all, "How 'bout next time, I spit on you?"

New York and Bootz are informed to sit tight while Deelishis and Krazy are on their dates. New York says that sitting tight is exactly what she's doing (and really, the chapter in her inevitable memoir that deals with this episode should be called "Sitting Tight While Loosely Wound")...


Bootz, meanwhile, laughs in New York's face.


A shaken New York walks off (so much for sitting tight), which prompts Deelishis to mock her. Deelishis begins imitating New York's reading of the Flavorgram only to realize that New York read "slicing" as "slicking" (it's true!)...


Everyone makes mistakes, but you'd think that "slicing" would be a word New York knew by heart. What's next, mistaking "crouch" for "crotch?"

Regardless of New York's affront to literacy, Deelishis joins her on the balcony to console her.


While New York doesn't exactly use Deelishis' shoulder to cry on, she doesn't bite it either. Weird.

Deelishis and Krazy both join Flav for their boat ride...


They're forced to work together to hoist the sails.


Again, no biting takes place and again, it is weird.

At one point, Flav loses an earring and Deelishis helps him find it...


...and we all get a little something for her effort.

The boat ride contains the usual amount of switch-kissing and jealousy-baiting you've no doubt come to expect from Flav's dates with multiple women. The whole thing makes Deelishis sick...


...literally? Flav surmises that Deelishis maybe was nauseated not by the motion of the ocean, but by Flav's motions with Krazy. We cut to Deelishis moaning in the cabin...


...and it seems that Flav is probably flattering himself. Though when you have a household of women 20 years your junior clamoring for your affection, it's probably hard not to flatter yourself as a matter of course.

The boat date ends and Flav treats Deelishis and Krazy to a night on the Queen Mary. Deelishis reveals that she's feeling overlooked by Flav and that if he doesn't show a sign that he's into her, she'll asked to be sent home.

The girls get dressed and meet Flav for dinner..


Flav's impressed with how they've cleaned up. He says that, "they was lookin' so good, both of 'em coulda been on my plates." Watch your mouth, Flav -- you wouldn't want to objectify them or anything, would you?

During dinner Krazy tells Flav how much she cares for him via lite-rock and quiet-storm sentiments like, "When we kiss, I feel like I'm gone for a minute, you know? I kinda just black out. When I open my eyes, I'm dizzy." Flaveeeeee, oooh, she gets chills, when she's with you oh-whoa-oh-whoa. Krazy gets so weak in the knees she can hardly speak...well.

The best part of all this is Deelishis' reactions to Krazy's blathering.



Krazy then decides it'd be a good idea to sing.


It's not exactly the trainwreck it could have been (decide for yourself), but she isn't exactly Chaka Khan. More Chaka Khan't, really. At least, that's what Deelishis' eyes say.


When it's Deelishis' turn to remind Flav how much she means to him, she cuts the crap: "There's no poetic way for me to say it. I just like what I like, and what I like right now is you." And then she cries.


Maybe make that "slicks the crap." Deelishis also admits that it wasn't just sea-sickness that had her all worked up earlier -- so Flav was rightfully flattered. Go figure. Deelishis' illness over his time spent with Krazy "let me know what I was feeling was real." She'll vomit in fond remembrance of Flav from now on.

Anyway, Flav ends up choosing Deelishis to invite back to his room.


Guess where this is headed...


...to sleep. Flav dozes on Deelishis' backside like a true gentleman.

The next day, it's time for New York and Bootz's date with Flav.


They'll be wine-tasting at vineyard. But to get to their tasting spot, they'll need transportation...


Horses! New York freaks out, saying that she doesn't do well with animals. And it would appear that she isn't joking.


At the height of her spaz-fest, New York asks, "Is he alive?" Well, New York, if it's any consolation: riding a live horse is a lot more safe than riding a dead one.

Again, Bootz openly laughs.


New York really doesn't do well with horses.


Finally, they arrive at their wine-tasting spot. Bootz reveals, "I don't never been wine-tasting." You don't say!


What wine-tasting date would be complete without some good old grape stomping (or, in Flav's case, grape romping)? To prepare, New York disrobes rhythmically...


...and they all, erm, do their thing...


...only to shower off.


Look at all the fun they're having. It's like they're at Disneyland...drunk.

Flav checks the girls into a hotel and rents out a club for dinner...


Flav again goes over Bootz's celibacy, which New York has no time for.


After all, she is "no back-burner bitch." New York complains to Flav that they've had no one-on-one time and that he owes it to her. Now it's Flav's turn to laugh in her face.


This seems to happen a lot.

Flav still doesn't pay New York the attention she thinks she deserves, so she storms off.


She even says to get the camera out of her face. When New York is requesting not to be filmed, you know she's upset. Flav, of course, takes her bait. He follows her and even asks if she'll spend the night with him. New York accepts, and says in an interview that this was all part of her strategy...


...not that Bootz's celibacy could have had anything to do with Flav choosing New York. Also New York's tactic seems to be taking the role of the squeaky wheel so that she can get the most oil. This is toddler philosophy ("I cry, I get what I want"). Sadly, no other girl in the house has been able to trump it.

Back at the table, though, Bootz does call New York out on her faux-hysterics...


This causes just another vaguely coherent New York rant. Basically it just puts on display her capacity for ridiculous faces and steak-knife gesturing.





Flav gets to take all this woman back to his room!


Guess what happens next. It ain't pretty. New York sums it up by saying, "We basically took a chunk out of each other, if you will." Um, we won't. But we will use "chunked up" as our new euphemism for getting nasty.

Time for eliminations. Flav hilariously builds tension by stretching out his announcement like soooooooooo.


Eventually, however, Bootz gets the boot.


...but not before she gives Flav one last gift...


...her number, for when Flav gets "sick of these hoes." It's sad to see her go -- she really knew how to think outside the box!

Want more? Check out all highlights from episode 8 plus more from the vineyard only on VSPOT!


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how much do i love:
A) mondays thanks to rich's recap(s)
B) how hot bootz actually looked on the last date
C) that new york was smoking a fucking cigarette whilst showering off grape juice.

Crippy's Mom

Gotta love Bootz' parting line to Flav -- pretty smooth, baby!


The sounds of Flav and NY's chunking will forever remain on my mind...

Apparently on the closed captions the only way they could describe that...that noise was "strangled moaning."

Raye Harrison

I love it! I love it! I love it! I am so glad that Bootz went home. She knows dam well that sh eis not waiting until she is married. I really like Deelishis. I think that she is very classy and beautiful however, I am a New York die hard fan. I think that Flav should pick her. (which he should have did at first)As for Krazy she is a fake, no singing, flat butty ass bitch! She is so dumb that she will fuck up Flav's life if he picks her. New York is in the motherfukin house,but.......so is Deelishis.


Thanks for the re-cap!!


I'm happy Bootz didn't give in to Flav because he is just out to fuck all he can and yet still yo ass will go home when he is ready to send you. Bootz I enjoyed you on the show because you spoke your mind alot but you liked Flav I don't know what you or any of you see in him but you cared. You have much respect for your body alot of female don't respect themselves or there body.You are better off without him you are pretty and you can dance.HAVE FUN


im sick of NY ugly ass....deelishis definitly found the best nickname for her...anorexic bobblehead bitch..i mean cmon..that sums her up....deelishis all the way baby...o yea, fuck krazys fake ass too


i am so pissed Bootz went home she was my favorite girl on the show and the prettiest. i dont know why he keepin that tranvasite(new york) or that no talent sining ugly ass bitch (krazy)! krazy is a dumb bitch for thinking her and new york are cool. it was sad to see Bootz go but it was funny when she gave him her number! Bootz whe know u dont want that ugly piece of shit flav u want a fine boy!!!but its ok u played ya part good


krazy is so fake check out this slut dancin and bending over and she got the nerve calling bootz out about bending over http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lTkRA4NpgIo


Isn't it twenty years his junior?


Yes, indeed. Fixed -- thank you.


i hate deelishis, krazy is fake as hell, and NY is just insane...flav is way better off by himself!! too bad it didn't work out with hoopz..she was the best!!!! he should really ditch krazy's fake ass next though...i guess if i had to choose between NY and deelishis, i'd choose my hand!!!


"Chunked up"

Will you be using this expression on fourfour anytime soon? This could have a lot of possibilities.


I think deelishis should win she's the best looking and sexiest one. NY is the so ugly and man looking, Krazy is a stupid, money hungry bitch trying to make it in the business, and can't even sing.


you know flav brought ny back just so he can sleep with her again and rouse up the other women. he didn't pick her the first time and i doubt he'll pick her this time. she does have mad love for him, though.


you know flav brought ny back just so he can sleep with her again and rouse up the other women. he didn't pick her the first time and i doubt he'll pick her this time. she does have mad love for him, though.


I think that all the girls are loose. I think that deelishis is the only one in the house with even a little bit of class. I think he needs to let her go because what is flav going to do with a woman that has any since and can hold a conversation and has attended college!


Deelishis,Buckeey,Beautiful,Bootz R the real 1's in da house krazy is a fake ass bytch n she is derr for tv Flav is silly ass hell cuz she cant sing n she a mutha fuckin golddigger so she gon b sent home i already know deelishis,buckeey n bootz da only ones dat got hands so crazy betta bacc the fuck bacc ha lame ass


You are so right that said Krazy can't sing but I think she gave him smokey joe and alot of pussy up in the hot tub. Deelishis do have more class then the rest of the girls. But it's hard to say who will he send home next I hope it's New York for calling his kids basterds, but if at the end its Deelishis and Krazy my girl Deelishis got it.


Bootz, honey I'm so sorry to see you go!!!! On the real NY needs to take her dumb ass the fuk home. I'm so sick and tire of seeing her bobblehead ass. Deelishis is going to take this cycle home. But before she do please let her whip NY's ass. Krazy need to take her non singing ass home too, dumb bytch!!!


new york is so crazy, bootz should have never gone home but i think that deelish should win she has class and as for krazy she is so fake.


i love flavor flav i wnt to go on the show, do all the girls fuck him apart from boots please reply if you know the answer?


roxy yea they do fuck him..krazy,deelsishis and new york all them hoes fucked him


Bootz ain't no virgin, she's just playin hard 2 get. That celibacy thing is a straight up lie. Deelishis looks like a man, she's gotta go. Plus dat bitch is 3X Flav size. Krazy LOOKS like Flav's type, she kinda lookin like Hoopz. N he liken those light skinned girlz. Now I want New York's crazy ass to win this time, like she should have last time. She is da only 1 as wild as Flav. They deserve each other!

Ms. Nadia

I didn't care for Bootz in the beginning I thought she was a foot dragger but at the end Flav did her wrong because she wouldn't fuck he let her go. Bootz did the right thing cause she is the only one that went home with her head high and with her pride cause she ain't let him fuck like them other silly ass ho's. Krazy at first I thought her soft ass was just the victim of them vindictive ass ho's but she needs to keep her pride or what's left of it and voluntarily go home. Flav can keep New York cause she a hot mess and Flav feeds into her foolishness.

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